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Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is a product designer currently living and working in Austin, TX.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams


Designed new features for the meetings experience




Microsoft Teams


UX Design, UI Design


Microsoft Teams is an enterprise communication platform that combines chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. As part of the Office 365 subscription, Teams offers integration with the Office productivity suite as well as other non-Microsoft products. I worked as an Interaction Designer on the Calling and Meetings team to improve the video conferencing experience.


Most of my work was focused on engagement in meetings, conference calls in Teams that involve both video and audio. This meant designing for complex group interactions in a live meeting environment, such as sharing and viewing different types of content, collaborating on documents, recording meetings, and broadcasting a meeting across the company. I worked with various levels of permissions, integrations, and technical constraints across both desktop and mobile.

I also worked on in-meeting settings, simplifying the experience of switching between various devices and settings for audio and video. This also involved developing a framework for user-facing diagnostics, which let users know when an error occurred during their video call and, when applicable, provided them options for fixing it.

In addition to this, I worked with my team to envision scenarios for the future of meetings. I operated in an agile and highly collaborative environment, working across multiple feature teams, receiving and providing feedback in weekly design reviews, and collaborating with other interaction designers, visual designers, and PMs.

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