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Amy Roberts


I’m Amy, a product designer based in Austin, TX.

I have an appreciation for cats, oil painting, grids, new media art, and anything with avocado in it. I love to travel to new places and take photos, and I’ll try just about any new food. My childhood was spent in a 259-acre state park in the center of Texas, where I developed a passion for exploration (and, of course, fort-making).

These days, I’m still exploring and making, but instead of forts, it’s sketches, user interfaces, interactive prototypes, and handmade cosplay props. I take pride in my resourcefulness and ability to problem-solve.

What I do

My eight years of design experience includes interactive agency work as well as product design at Microsoft (you can read more on my resume). Although my undergraduate degree is in design, I’m a strong advocate for lifelong learning, which has led me to pursue a masters in Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D) and an MBA (Smartly MBA).

I believe in validating ideas early to minimize risk, and one of my favorite activities is leading design sprints. I feel happiest in an environment where I can work across all stages of product design—from UX to visual.


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