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Amy Roberts

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About Me

Who I Am

I’m Amy, a product designer based in Seattle, Washington. I am an appreciator of cats, oil painting, grids, new media art, and anything with avocado in it. I love to travel and take photos, and I’ll try just about any new food. My childhood was spent in a 259-acre state park in the center of Texas, where I developed a passion for exploration (and, of course, fort-making).

These days, I’m still exploring and making, but instead of forts, it’s interfaces, interactive prototypes, handmade cosplay props, poppy electro music, and drawings on the iPad Pro. I take pride in my ability to problem-solve, and in being a particularly good Googler.

What I do

For the past eight years I’ve enjoyed working in a variety of creative roles involving visual design, interaction design, and front-end development (you can read more on my resume). Although my undergraduate degree is in design, I’m a strong advocate for lifelong learning, which has led me to pursue a masters in Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D) and an MBA (Smartly MBA). I am currently a designer at Microsoft, where I work on Microsoft Teams.

I feel happiest in an environment where I can work across all stages of product design—from UX strategy to UI and visual design.

Copyright © 2016 Amy Roberts