Hi, I’m Amy Roberts.

I’m a web designer, developer, and digital problem-solver.

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About Me

Who I Am

I'm Amy. I'm a Seattle-based designer and developer who is passionate about thinking up new ideas and making them come to life. I am an appreciator of cats, responsive grid systems, being outdoors, and anything with avocado in it. I take pride in my ability to problem-solve, and in being a particularly good googler.

Where I Come From

I grew up on the grounds of a 259-acre state park in central Texas, where I was given the rare freedom to explore. Inevitably, this led to things like constructing "forts" in the forest, floating makeshift vessels down the river, and designing my own trail routes. Years later, I'm still exploring and creating, but on a different frontier: the Internet.

What I Do Now

After receiving my BFA in Graphic Design from Baylor University, I moved to Memphis, TN, where I worked full time as a web designer and developer for a leading SEO firm. I now work remotely from Seattle, Washington. You can read more about my work history on my resume. When I'm not in front of a computer, I enjoy traveling and taking photos, working on large paintings of computer hardware, and riding my bicycle.

Get in Touch

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